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Transparency, openness, security and decentralization are the most important conditions for the building of an effective economy. Blockchain technology follows these conditions and develops financial services that can’t cause corruption and moving into the shadow economy. As practice shows, a centralized economy represented by banks and the government is not able to comply with the conditions of transparency and security. That’s why Pulse listens to the words of Satoshi Nakamoto:
The root problem with conventional currency is all trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.
Pulse is happy to restore the building of trust in the digital world.
The Pulse ecosystem is a decentralized platform that combines staking and DeFi. Any person who has access to the Internet can use the financial services of Pulse. They are completely transparent and secured by smart contracts that cannot be deleted or falsified.


Mission of the Pulse DeFi LTD team is to spread and popularize DeFi as a reliable and proven financial source. Our efforts are aimed at raising the level of confidence in the digital economy. That’s why we have created a secure protocol, which in the future will not be an innovation, but a common tool for our community.
Blockchain has already greatly affected the lives of people and has shown how it can radically change business processes. Companies using this technology are becoming cross-border: they have the opportunity to gain new customers around the world. This technology has already made it possible to transfer and store data much cheaper than it comes out in traditional services.
The decentralized financial system is becoming stronger and stronger. New financial terms are firmly established in our speech. Users search for the meaning of words such as liquidity, farming, staking, tokens, stablecoins, DEFI. Why is this happening?
Decentralization has firmly captured the minds of people who are morally ready to abandon the traditional centralized system, without being afraid to make transactions and other operations. The level of security has grown so much that people are quietly trusting the new digital reality, which no longer needs intermediaries. Smart contracts guarantee the safety of user data and significantly reduce the cost of operations.
The Pulse team perfectly understands this trend, as well as large organizations, medium and small businesses. We are confident that in the near future we can expect a massive transition to a decentralized financial system. Nothing can stop it. We are waiting for the wind of financial changes together with you and actively participate in these events.
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