Drawing in is a thing of the past. Here is a simple and visual roadmap table
Q4 2020
✓ Starting plan and project researching
Uniswap Listing
Launching Staking
CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko & Livecoin Watch Listing
Blockfolio Listing
TrustWallet and DeFi staking DAPP integration
Lending & Borrowing
Launching a website V2
Q2 2021
API for devs
CEX Listings
NFT integration
Integration in a large number of desktop and mobile wallets
Partnership announcement
Launching a branded Pulse Wallet
Q3 2021
Fully functional Mobile & Desktop App
Continued development and improvement of Pulse protocol
Ecosystem development
Q4 2021
Launching a website V3
Continued Partnership announcement
Continued CEX Listings (centralized exchange, Huobi, etc.)

We will update and improve the Roadmap. Please, stay tuned for updates!

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