Governance Structure

What is Governance in a few words?

The Governance assumes a clear system in which Pulse holders have the right to make proposals for improvement and vote for them, as well as control the voting process, having access to the calculation of results.

What is Governance for?

It's no secret that people want to make more money. We want it to be good for everyone! Therefore, people can naturally make proposals about increasing a reward and also have access to the data, because we are not going to hide anything. Token holders build the system for themselves.

How the Governance system works?

We have developed a simple and intuitive system based on the best practices of other crypto enthusiasts

  • Do you have a request? Make a proposal. But to do this, you need to meet a couple of conditions: the number of Pulse tokens is 1 000, the number of submitted proposals from one wallet is 2 times a month.

  • The proposal has been submitted. The review period is 2 days, during which it is checked by representatives of the Governance for the absence of violations.

  • The author of the proposal received approval and passed verification. During the period set by the author, token holders have the right to vote for or against this proposal.

  • Proposer’s tokens will be locked for 14 days.

  • The voting system is designed for the number of tokens held by holders. For example, 1 vote right equals 1 PULSE. As soon as the holder uses the right to vote, his token will be blocked.

  • If several proposals are submitted for voting, participants can use the already locked PULSE tokens for voting.

  • We are ready to implement any proposals that won the vote, so that the Pulse ecosystem develops!

How to make a proposal correctly? Let's list the structure of the proposal:

  • Title

  • Detailed description

  • The voting period (It is possible to specify up to a week)

What proposals can I make?

All participants will be happy to accept useful and competent proposals! Let’s see examples:

  • Increase or decrease the minimum number of tokens to be eligible to vote in Governance

  • Make effective solutions for more convenient use of the Pulse platform

  • Settle the issue with the number of tokens to become a staker or provider.

We are waiting for many other developing proposals!

What happens during the voting period?

To be eligible to vote, the user must have a registered private wallet and a deposit agreement. When these two facts are confirmed, tokens will be used for voting and will be unlocked after the end of the voting period.

Users can follow the voting in real time on a special panel.

Pulse team also monitors the results of the vote and is ready to immediately start working on the implementation of successful voting results. Changes may not always occur in a short period of time. If a complex proposal is approved, the team may need a long period to implement it.

Guide to making a proposal

You can vote for the proposal as soon as it’s created according to all the rules.

Proposer’s tokens will be locked for two weeks in the amount of 1 000 PULSE.

The same locked tokens will not be used by proposer to make a new proposal. However, the author of the proposal has the right to use the locked tokens to participate in other votes.

It is possible to make 2 proposals per month.

The Pulse team evaluates its ability to implement the approved proposals. We guarantee that we will make changes within a month from the date of the end of voting.

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