I've got metamask wallet.

    First unlock your Metamask.
2. Click next and connect button
3. Then enter the desired amount of ETH and click “Purchase Pulse”.
4. The gas price should be more than 200 and the gas limit is more than 100000. Click “Confirm”.
5. Now wait a bit, and the tokens will be displayed on the main page.
6. After the pre-sale ends on 02/13/2021 at 6:00 pm UTC, the Claim Tokens button will be active. You just need to click it. Tokens will appear on your ETH Address in a minute

I don't have Metamask wallet.

If you don't have Metamask, you can directly send ETH to the smart contract address: 0x0bfe90382e2dd094a4b65fdafb6cd2010fafdd86
Then you will receive the tokens 24 hours after pre-sale ends.
Note! Don’t send ETH directly from the exchange!! Please, send ETH only from your own the address, where you have private keys!!! Otherwise, your investment will be lost.
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