Why choose PULSE? Let's look at the benefits:
    Accessibility. Pulse has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easier to work with the platform. A detailed guide is also provided so that the user understands each action. It is possible to choose from several pools for a long time to make the right decision. All this is done to make staking a pleasure.
    Holders have the right to vote on any proposals submitted. If users participate in the pool and have staked their coins, they get the opportunity to control the process: whether it will be a payment offer to the developer or a validator's actions, etc.
    Inflation won't happen. PULSE is reliably protected from inflation by the price protection mechanism. Tokens can be burned, but their number will not exceed 1,000,000 PULSE. Also users do not sell their coins, but receive passive income from them.
    Why should I pay transaction fee? To make all holders feel comfortable and not afraid of dumping the cost, we've made a protected token. Cost drives down often due to a massive influx of bounty hunters and weak hands. All of them don't really want to pay extra money. The same goes for panic selling. So, the weak hand tax will protect and reward holders, because this reward goes to them for staking. We have set a 5% fee. The amount of fee may increase or decrease depending on how participants vote.
    Locked&safe. To advance farming opportunities, PULSE team decided to lock liquidity for 5 years. PULSE holders will also be able to lock liquidity in PULSE Vault (PVault). The benefit is that the locking period starts from several weeks. This will bring stability of liquidity, peace of mind and reward to the holder.
    The union is our strength. PULSE is the main token supported by PULSE DEFI LTD team and extends its capabilities. Together we are going to protect our investment and ecosystem: weak hand tax will go to PVault.
    Intuitive Governance Model. A democratic community is the foundation of prosperity and progress. Any Pulse holder has the right to vote for or against the proposed changes. Pulse introduces a flexible "on-chain" voting system, the results of which can be checked by any holder. We stand for a healthy and viable ecosystem that will be improved by the community.
Last modified 8mo ago
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